1:100th/15mm World War Two Aircraft

Victrix Limited
by Pete Harris

If, like me, you are a wargamer and keen military aviation enthusiast, you have probably been anticipating the release of Victrix’s new aircraft range. Well the good news is the first two aircraft, Hawker Typhoon 1B and Ju 87 G2 Stuka are finally available to buy. Has the wait been worth it? Well let’s see.

The aircraft are presented in Victrix boxes very similar to their other figure ranges. There’s nice artwork and plenty of information on the back about the aircraft type and box contents. Inside you get three aircraft in kit form on individual sprues, three clear plastic poseable flight stands again in kit form, a decal sheet and full colour instruction sheet.

Victrix have done an excellent job with the aircraft, in my view pitching it just right, the level of detail and number of parts making up each aircraft is similar to a basic 1/72nd model. There are also some nice options like different propellers and weapon loads. Construction is relatively straightforward and quick to achieve whilst still producing a great model replica of the prototype. I confess I always like pilots in my aircraft and Victrix have scored again here. My only very minor grumble is that I like my propellers to spin and these do not.

A nice good quality set of decals are included and according to the box there are four options. I can only see 3 for the Typhoon and 4 for the Stuka. Whilst there are 4 with the Stuka it is also worth noting that 2 of them have common markings so it’s an either/or situation. The positive however is that you are getting at least 3 different markings in each box. This overcomes the issue of buying multiples of same type single aircraft which only have the same decal markings.

What really sets these new Victrix sets apart are the poseable flight stands. Each one is on a sprue in eight pieces comprising base, 2 piece bottom/middle sections, top section and ball/socket connector. Their ability when constructed to be telescopic and ratchet up or down gives the gamer that extra altitude dimension for those sought after aerial battles. The ball

and socket enhances it further allowing the aircraft to depict climb, dive and bank/turn. I’ve played games before using telescopic radio antennas but these are better. The clear plastic works really well and the ratchet allows for finer adjustment. They are slightly chunky but that’s necessary for the telescopic function and you don’t want them snapping after a couple of games.

All in all then a great great addition to the wargaming world. A really nice product, well thought through and the promise of more to come. Well done Victrix, I for one can’t wait for the WW1 aircraft although they may be some way off.