1/72nd Scale Tiger II Model Kit

Revell Models
by Peter Harris

When Revell released their 1/72nd Tiger II Aust B. it was nothing new. Although a well executed example, other manufacturers already produced the Tiger II or ‘King Tiger’ with it’s production form Henschel turret. What didn’t exist at the time was an off the shelf version with the prototype Porsche turret. This kit now fills that void.

The Tiger II was a late war development which took the best attributes of the tiger I and blended them with the sloped armour of the Panther and the long barrelled 88mm gun. It’s

150mm frontal armour couldn’t be penetrated by any onboard weapons the allies had at the time. Developed in 1943, the Tiger II went into production in 1944 and a total of 492 were built including prototypes. Only 50 examples with the Porsche turret were delivered to the troops.

The kit is identical for the most part to the earlier release but contains a different parts sprue for the Porsche turret. Produced to Revell’s usual high standard with excellent molded parts and fine detail, there is much to commend this model. A total of 143 parts ensure plenty of detail and include tracks in hard plastic sections allowing for a more realistic look. I personally prefer this approach to the older soft plastic one piece tracks I grew up with. The turret and gun are both adjustable and hatches can be modelled in either open or closed positions.

Decals and colour schemes are included for two versions together with detailed instructions for construction. The finished article really looks the part in it’s splinter camouflage and will be an impressive presence on any late war gaming table. Well worth consideration.