28mm Dismounted 1st Virginia Cavalry

Redoubt Enterprises


As an ACW gamer and a dyed in the wool romantic who takes the Confederate side, I have always loved the idea of the Confederate Cavalier. Yes, maybe these didn’t really exist and, by the war’s end, most of the ‘cavalry’ were just men with shotguns and pistols who rode horses but I still cling to the idea of the well-equipped, Southern cavalryman, riding to the charge like knights of old, the last bastion of chivalry in a horrifyingly modern war. For me, my dream is epitomized by the 1st Virginia Cavalry with their floppy hats and feathers, carbines and sabres. It was therefore with some delight that I received a set of dismounted cavalry for review from Trevor at Redoubt Enterprises.

Consisting of packs ACAVD 23 to 25, I have before me 13 foot figures and three standing horses. The average height of the standing figures is around 28mm foot to eye, with the kneeling ‘firing line’ coming in at 25.1mm. The quality of casting and sculpting is excellent, with minimal clean up being required. The three packs provide me with a command group, mounts and horse holder, three standing firing and three kneeling firing figures. ACAVD23 is the command group, comprising an officer, guidon and standard bearer, bugler and two NCO types, one of which is shouting orders and the other which is standing with his carbine raised, six figures in all. ACAVD24 is a firing line of three kneeling and three standing troopers, all armed with carbines. Lastly, ACAVD25 is a lone horse holder and three horses, waiting patiently for their riders.

All the cavalrymen have the correct uniform details and have some real character in their faces, with ample evidence of aristocratic beards, moustaches and sideburns. Weaponry is accurately scaled and the famously plumed hats of the regiment are very nicely modeled. There is a sense of a hard fighting unit here, deployed for dismounted action against a determined enemy. The poses are all fairly active and the officer pointing with his sabre is probably my favorite figure, no doubt extoling his men to aim low and pour it on!

Redoubt Enterprises have an exceptionally wide range of ACW figures in 28mm that are well worth investigating for anyone who is gaming the period. In fact, the whole website has a number of miniature gems and quite obscure products for almost every period that anyone would want to game. Infantry, cavalry, wagons, civilians, they have it all at a reasonable price and an excellent approach to customer service. These figures will be painted up and added to my Confederate forces in the next few weeks, entering battle as a part of an ongoing campaign. For me, they are the perfect figures to represent this classic regiment and have the exact ‘look’ I am after. Get in touch with Trev or Sue at Redoubt and perhaps you too can join the ranks of the Confederate Cavaliers on the tabletop.

By Wayne Bollands