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1/72nd Scale Tiger II Model Kit

Revell Models by Peter Harris When Revell released their 1/72nd Tiger II Aust B. it was nothing new. Although a well executed example, other manufacturers already produced the Tiger II or ‘King Tiger’ with it’s production form Henschel turret. What didn’t exist at the time was an off the shelf version with the prototype… Read More »

Cold War Vehicles

Pendraken by Matt Moran Pendraken have been going since 1992, and of course T scale railway modelling in 144th scale has been around a fair bit longer. But Pendraken’s 10mm models and excellent customer service have encouraged hundreds if not thousands of wargamers to join this intermediate scale between 15mm and 6mm, and enjoy… Read More »

Unfinished Business: A Visit to Leeds Royal Armouries Museum By Neil Smith While putting on my coat yesterday in preparation for my visit to the Leeds Royal Armouries Museum, I reflected on the 24 red, box-files of unfinished wargaming projects sitting in the corner of my office. Surely today I would find that piece of inspiration to get me over the hump with… Read More »

WI329, March 2015

THEME: CIVIL WARS In our lead article for this month’s theme, Neil Smith provides a definition of what a ‘civil war’ actually is and presents examples that could be translated into tabletop action. ENDGAME ON THE ELBE Mike Haught provides a preview of some of the new Flames Of War digital content for Nachtjäger the… Read More »

Panther Ausf A Plastic Kit

Warlord Games I had a nice surprise turn up at the office some time ago in the form of a Warlord Games Bolt Action Panther Ausf A plastic tank kit to review courtesy of Wargames Illustrated. Of course the rest of my day was spent day dreaming about building the kit and nothing else.… Read More »

Across a Deadly Field – The War in the East

Osprey Publishing The War in the East is the first supplement for John Hill’s Across a Deadly Field, released last summer. It comes in the standard Osprey hardback format and has 128 full colour pages. Across a Deadly Field is the latest incarnation of John’s Johnny Reb system. I must say here that I’m… Read More »

Bolt Action: Battleground Europe D-Day to Germany

Warlord Game This is the first in a series of Theatre Books for the Bolt Action set of World War II (WWII) rules from Warlord Games. These books are slated to cover the various theatres in which WWII was fought, offering scenarios and units along with background information.   The book is packed with… Read More »

USS Nimitz CVN-68 (early)

Revell The USS Nimitz has been in service with the US Navy since 1975 and this model kit, or earlier incarnations of the class, has existed for nearly as long. A faithful 47.1cm reproduction of the nuclear carrier in 1/720 scale, the kit is crisp and nicely moulded with good detail and definition. Boxed… Read More »

28mm Indian War Party

AW Miniatures I have been interested in the French & Indian War since I first saw The Last of the Mohicans, and have been gaming it on and off since Muskets & Tomahawks was released. I was therefore glad to discover that AW Miniatures have two blisters of Indians in their French & Indian… Read More »

Buccaneer S Mk.2B

Revell The Buccaneer was a British jet bomber produced during the golden age of British aviation design and development. Originally manufactured in the 1960s by the Blackburn Company and later absorbed into British Aerospace, the aircraft was designed to fly off Royal Navy carriers and carry a nuclear bomb in its rotating bomb bay.… Read More »