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ACW Volume 3

THE UNION INFANTRYMAN The first in a new series designed to give wargamers new to the American Civil War a solid foundation in the uniforms, equipment, and general appearance of the soldiers that they’ll be painting up. ACW experts Don Effinger and Mike Evans provide great information, based on decades of research, on how the… Read More »

ACW Volume 2

ROAD TO GETTYSBURG We set the scene for the showdown at Gettysburg with the background (and splendid artwork!) to General Lee’s  invasion of the north. CHANCELLORSVILLE, MAY 1863 We conclude our Giant Wargames theme with a report on a 16 player, 6,000 figure and 438 square foot ACW game, played out at a unique venue.… Read More »

ACW Volume 1

SEVEN DAYS TO SAVE RICHMOND coverage with an overview of the Federals’ campaign to strike against the Rebel capital, and the Confederate efforts to stop them. A key figure in our coverageis the Rebel commander Brigadier General William Pender, here we introduce you to Pender and explain his role within our theme. INTO THE TORRENTS… Read More »