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Ancients Volume 3

CAESAR IN GAUL We set the scene for Caesar’s conquest of Gaul with background information, wargaming ideas and a painting guide for the great man himself. SLAUGHTER ON THE SELLE In 57 BC Caesar’s forces clashed with the Gallic Nervii tribe which burst out of the woods and across a river to attack the legionaries… Read More »

Ancients Volume 2

THE ETRUSCANS The history of the Etruscans is shrouded in mystery, but by digging deep Dave Pauwels presents a complete gamer’s guide to one of Rome’s early enemies. THE LAST STAND OF SPARTACUS An enduring legend himself, Howard Whitehouse returns to the pages of WI with this tale of the “gladiator-turned-general” Spartacus, who led an… Read More »

Ancients volume 1

CRIMSON & BRONZE First-time contributors to Wargames Illustrated, Ben Johns (an avid student of history) and Tim Toolen (an enthusiastic modeler and painter) present their thoughts about the warriors at the heart of the most enduring ‘Last Stand’ myth – the 300 Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae. THE BATTLE OF PLATEA, 479BC Rob Broom… Read More »