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Colonial Volume 6

SAVAGE WARS OF PEACE – PART ONE The first part of what promises to be a rollicking ride through the Small Wars of Queen Victoria, penned (in wonderful style) by colonial enthusiast Andy Hoare. SAVAGE WARS OF PEACE – PART TWO In this installment of Andy Hoare’s campaign of derring-do through the Small Wars of… Read More »

Colonial Volume 5

The Halls Of Montezuma – Part One In 1846, America became embroiled in a bitter struggle with her neighbor to the south (and west, at the time), Mexico, over lands that would eventually see the United States stretch “from sea to shining sea”. In Part One, Derek Coleman explores the campaign for California. The Halls… Read More »

Colonial Volume 4

THE REVOLUTION IN HAITI 1791-1804 Contrary to what many people believe, the Age of Reason at the end of the 18th Century sparked three great revolutions. The first came in the 1770s when Britain’s American colonies revolted. The French Revolution came soon after in the late 1780s. Wargamers will be familiar with both those conflicts,… Read More »

Colonial Volume 3

THE PATH OF BLOOD When Shaka Zulu’s most powerful lieutenant falls foul of his lord it can mean only one thing – war! And that’s what we have in this inter-tribal refight using the Hail Caesar rules. A VERY SMALL DISASTER As the British found out in Zululand in 1879, it’s not a great idea… Read More »


“EGYPT FOR THE EGYPTIANS!” The last time the British army wore red coats was in the Anglo-Egyptian War of 1882. A few years later the Egyptians were fighting for the British against the Mahdi, but in this Victorian ‘little war’ the Egypians were fighting to establish their own anti-British goverment. Peter Keeling offers some ideas… Read More »

Colonial volume 1

DARKEST AFRICA: A WARGAMERS’ GUIDE We head into the “Heart of Darkness” with expert on all things Africa – Chris Peers. In this intro piece to our theme, Chris talks about the appeal of gaming the Dark Continent and takes a look at the different forces and figures available. GUN AND SPEAR – PART ONE… Read More »