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Dark ages Volume 3

The Vikings In Ireland Your introductory guide to the Viking invasions of Ireland; the tribes they battled with for supremacy, and the history of their struggle for control of the Emerald Isle. Heathens At the Gate A look at Viking and Irish armies and the warfare they employed in Dark Age Ireland, followed by two… Read More »

Dark Ages Volume 2

RETHINKING SAXON WARGAMING What do you mean, shieldwall? Dr Ryan Lavelle has been studying Saxons for quite a few years, and here he presents his alternative views on some of the long-held tenets of Saxons in wargaming. HOW TO BUILD A SAXON CHURCH After a short break, Paul Davies returns with his latest terrain project,… Read More »

Dark Ages Volume 1

ORIGINS AND MYTHS OF THE HUNS We begin our theme content with a look at exactly who the Huns were, where they came from, and the mark they left on military history and wargaming. WAR TACTICS OF THE HUNS Society of Ancients President Roy Boss takes a detailed look at the battle tactics of the… Read More »