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House & Musket Volume 3

War In The Wilderness In our first article for this month’s theme, Neil Smith and Chris Peers introduce us to the history and guide us through the practical information required for bringing an F&IW force to bear on the tabletop. Dried Corn & Swampfoot In this article Rich Jones tells us about his ‘slip’ into… Read More »

Horse & Musket 2

THE JACOBITE RISING OF 1719 A focus on one of the earlier Jacobite risings which came to a head with musket fire on the slopes of Glen Shiel in Scotland. OF ARMIES AND MYTHS Our Jacobite Rebellion 1745 theme content begins with an examination of the two opposing armies which took part in the conflict.… Read More »

Horse & Musket Volume 1

IN THIS SIGN CONQUER The War of Spanish Succession comes to Northern Italy in this ‘what if’ scenario. THE BATTLE OF MALPLAQUET, 1709 In the year of its 300th anniversary Barry Hilton and his chums in the League of Gentleman Wargamers re-fight this Marlburian clash on a mammoth scale, and report on the results. THE… Read More »