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Medieval Volume 3

Company of Bastards A close look at Tim Haslam’s award winning medieval free company army – Le Compagnie des Batards. The Second Battle of Kosovo, 1448 With Steward Hunyadi Janos at the reins in 1448, the mighty Hungarian army attempted to stop the spread of the Ottomans in the Balkan Peninsula. John Bianchi explains how… Read More »

Medieval Volume 2

Bannockburn, 1314 Dr Chris Brown explores some myths surrounding Robert the Bruce’s great victory over the English, and offers some wargaming suggestions for the battle. Sluys, 1340 Leading authority on naval wargaming; David Manley examines this medieval naval battle off the coast of France and presents some quick play rules for re-fighing the action The… Read More »

Medieval Volume 1

THE FIRST CRUSADE Setting the scene for this month’s theme content, including a timeline of events and plenty of wargaming ideas. BATTLE OF DORYLAEUM One of the deciding battles of the First Crusade. The Battle of Dorylaeum was a desperate fight for survival between the crusading forces of Bohemond and Robert of Normandy and the… Read More »