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Napoleonic Volume 5

A REARGUARD ACTION NEAR GENAPPE, 1815 Barry Hilton stakes a claim for gaming the lesser known actions of the Hundred Days campaign, and presents a scenario for one; The Battle of Genappe. FIRST CONTACT ON THE SAMBRE, 1815 You may be well on your way to having the thousands of figures you need to re-fight… Read More »

Napoleonic Volume 4

Lament For An Empire After suffering through the disastrous 1812 campaign in Russia, Napoleon had struggled to bring his Grand Armée back up to strength. Despite his army’s lack of experience and horses, Napoleon’s enemies still did not underestimate his ability in the field. It took until October 1813 before the Sixth Coalition could force… Read More »

Napoleonic Volume 3

THE EAGLE & THE BEAR In the introduction to our theme articles covering Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812, Neil Smith provides the background behind the French Emperor’s decision to march an army across his Empire, and then as far again into the teeth of the “Russian Bear”, where normal expectations could be thrown out… Read More »

Napoleonic Volume 2

A PENINSULAR WAR PRIMER Barry Hilton guides us through a wonderful introduction to Napoleonic wargaming on the dusty plains of Spain and Portugal, where thousands of men from dozens of nations fought hard for or against the will of Emperor Napoleon. We find out more about the reasons the French were there in the first… Read More »

Napoleonic volume 1

ADESPERATE STRUGGLE FOR SURVIVAL Toussaint Louverture, Haiti’s War for Independence and what they have to offer the wargamer. HOW TO BUILD… NAPOLEONIC MICRO SHIP In this month’s ‘How to build…’ Andy Callan gives you all the information you need to construct a cut-price fleet of tiny (1/3000-ish scale) Napoleonic ships. THE ROSETTA STONE We head… Read More »