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WI326, December 2014

TAKE THE HIGH GROUND In this month’s lead article, Pete Brown presents some thoughts on using hills in our gaming, and how they should/could fit into any set of rules. THE ROAD TO EL ARISH Another insight into the new Fate Of A Nation intelligence briefing for Flames Of War, the Battlefront Team present a… Read More »

WI325, November 2014

THE BATTLE OF SMOLENSK An Early War Battle Report from Wayne Turner and Casey Davies of the Battlefront Design Team. These are dark days for the Soviet Union as the seemingly unstoppable forces of the Third Reich push ever deeper into the Motherland. “WITH THE BLACK FLAGS HANGING OVER US” Author of Osprey Publishing’s On… Read More »

WI324, October 2014

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO 20MM MODERNS? Having asked this question, Sub-Editor Wayne Bollands enlists the assistance of the Leicester Phat Cats Gaming Club for a day of Modern gaming at WIHQ in a quest to answer it. THE SOVIET BARBAROSSA SURPRISE As a precursor to the upcoming release of Barbarossa, Wayne Turner of the Battlefront studio… Read More »

WI323, September 2014

BATTLES IN LITERATURE: WARGAMING AS INSPIRATION Simon Scarrow, author of the bestselling Eagle Series, tells us how wargaming has influenced his storytelling. THE BOYNE AVENGED Barry Hilton provides us with a wealth of Williamite ‘What if’s’, in this follow up to last month’s Ireland’s Bloodiest Day article. RENDER UNTO CAESAR A scenario based upon the… Read More »

WI322, August 2014

MYTHBUSTING THE GREAT WAR Battlefront’s Phil Yates examines some widely held beliefs regarding the Great War and offers a introductory perspective on life amongst the mud and blood of the conflict. COLLECTING A POLISH ARMY Roger Murrow of Murawski Miniatures provides information on the importance of the Polish forces during Napoleon’s efforts to conquer Europe.… Read More »

WI321, July 2014

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT Roger Gerrish provides a primer for the world of Pulp gaming across a range of genres, so don your favourite headgear and gather your equipment as we invite you to embark on a journey into new realms of action and adventure! THE BATTLE FOR THE LUDENDORFF BRIDGE The Battlefront… Read More »

WI320, June 2014

HELL’S CROSSROADS To celebrate the release of the new Flames Of War Bridge at Remagen Intelligence Handbook, the guys from the Battlefront Studio report on a US and German armoured forces clash in the Ruhr. THE ROLLING HILLS OF ARKLOW The Master Builder behind the Wargames Illustrated 2014 show table – Nick Buxey – talks… Read More »

WI319, May 2014

A PROPER GAME OF THRONES We begin this month’s theme content with the last battle of the Wars of the Roses. York and Lancaster clash in the green fields of Nottinghamshire, and on the tabletops of the Abingdon Wargames Club, as they refight this medieval slugfest, with the Yorkists attempting to change the course of… Read More »

WI318, April 2014

LEGION VERSUS PHALANX We kick off this month’s theme content with an introduction to the concept of legion and phalanx warfare. Rules writer Simon MacDowall places both legion and phalanx in their historical context for us, and outlines the challenges of representing them accurately on the tabletop. THE BATTLE OF RAYMOND don effinger and mike… Read More »

WI317, March 2014

REBELS ABANDON VICKSBURG! Our War Correspondent Paul Leach sets the scene for our theme articles on the fall of the “Gibraltar of the Confederacy” with his overview of the events that led to the vital hammer blow in the West. HOW THE WEST WAS LOST Over a decade ago, ACW aficionado Bill Moreno executed plans… Read More »