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WWI Volume 3

WARGAMING WORLD WAR ONE We introduce this month’s theme with an article that looks beyond the stalemate of World War One on the Western Front and sells the concept of gaming the conflict on a global scale. FROM ARMED TO ARMOURED As part of our ongoing Evolution of the Tank series, prolific modeller and wargamer… Read More »

WWI Volume 2

“Brimming with action and big with fate” The first Great War action of a young Australia saw their troops in a raid against German possessions in the South Pacific. This article follows the Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force as it attempts to wrest the island of New Britain from German control. Battleground: Gallipoli An… Read More »

WWI Volume 1

THE WESTERN FRONT, 1914-1915 Setting the scene for our WWI – early war on the Western Front theme, we present an overview of the action from the period. “ATTACK EVERYTHING!” Lieutenant Lanoe Hawker’s daring raid on the zeppelin shed at Gontrode. A Wings of War scenario. HOW TO BUILD A ZEPPELIN HANGAR How to build… Read More »