Colonial Volume 5

The Halls Of Montezuma – Part One
In 1846, America became embroiled in a bitter struggle with her neighbor to the south (and west, at the time), Mexico, over lands that would eventually see the United States stretch “from sea to shining sea”. In Part One, Derek Coleman explores the campaign for California.

The Halls Of Montezuma – Part Two
We pick up Derek Coleman’s tale of the US-Mexican War with a look at the campaign of General Zachary Taylor in northern Mexico.
The Napoleon Of the West Douglas Biggs, Ph.D., had been sitting on a considerable pile of unpainted Mexican-American War lead soldiers for quite some time. Then he and his gaming group fell in love with the Black Powder rules.

Mr Polk’s Army
Doug Biggs is back with his look at the U.S. Army of the Mexican-American War, including suggested stats and special rules for using them in games of Black Powder.

Battle of Palo Alto, 1846
Regimental Fire and Fury author Rich Hassenauer looks beyond the core period for his rules and takes in a 1846 Mexican-American War battle.

“Brilliant Events” Churubusco, 1847
A look at the battles for Mexico City in the US-Mexican War of 1846-48, with a focus on Churubusco, a battle described by Winfield Scott as “brilliant”.

How To Build a Spanish Convent
Last month’s WI presented a article on the US-Mexican War battle of Churubusco, with the centre-piece model being a large scale convent. This month we show you how to make the model which can be used on the Churubusco battlefield or many others around the globe.

“The Legion May Die, But Never Surrenders”
Paul Davies will be familiar to most WI readers as the man behind our UK show reports and the dozens of “How To…” articles. Here he presents the tale (and modeling and wargaming scenario) behind the ‘Last Stand’ of 49 men of the French Foreign Legion in exotic Mexico – the Battle of Camerone, 1863.

The Comanches Revisited
Chris Peers presents us with an interesting take on the Comanche Indians of the Southern Plains of the US. Through his extensive research he has reached a few conclusions that might surprise you on how this Native American tribe should behave on the tabletop.