Wargames Illustrated is the world’s premier tabletop gaming magazine.

It is published every month in both print and digital formats. This website supports the digital format of the magazine AKA: WI Digital.


It’s an ‘electronic magazine’ version of Wargames Illustrated and is available for Apple iPad, Kindle Fire and Android tablet devices.

It contains all the same content as the printed magazine but with ‘dynamic’ extras.


WI Digital is available for the iPad , Kindle and Android , via iTunes the Amazon Store and Google Play.



You can get to these stores via the relevant App on your device




  • Once you are in the App Store search for ‘Wargames Illustrated’.
  • Click to download the App.
  • The App itself is free, it’s only when you download a magazine or subscription that you pay.

For more information on downloading Apps click here


The electronic version of Wargames Illustrated contains all the content from the printed magazine PLUS bonus dynamic content.


WI Digital allows you to interact with Wargames Illustrated and your hobby like never before!


Each month WI Digital includes a short movie related to one of our articles. In recent issues we have featured ‘fly-pasts’ and detailed looks at miniature battlefields, interviews with games designers and post game reactions from players.


360-degree figure spins

Viewing WI on your tablet allows you to take 360-degree views of several miniatures and models in the issue.

2014-03-21 15.53.10

Photo Galleries

Space isn’t such a big issue with WI digital, so you will find several galleries containing photos we can’t fit in the printed magazine.

2014-03-21 16.02.39

Bonus Content

More space allows us to include more written content as well – we regularly include bonus text from our contributors.

2014-03-21 16.07.06


A subscription to the digital version of Wargames Illustrated constitutes a considerable saving on the price of a one-year hard copy subscription. As shown in the price examples below –

UK £44.99 – US $59.99 – EU €59.99
Single issues are cheaper too -
 UK £4.49 – US $5.99 – EU € 5.99
We hope you agree this represents great value for money, underlining Wargames Illustrated’s commitment to offering an affordable as well as easily accessible version of the world’s best selling wargames magazine.


The WI Digital App is FREE to download and we also offer a FREE sample version of the magazine for you to take a look at before you commit to purchasing.


  • WI Digital offers ‘pinch-and-zoom’ this allows you to zoom in on any area of the magazine.
  • WI Digital is available for all tablet devices; IT IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR PC OR MAC DESKTOP/LAPTOP COMPUTERS.
  • Current subscriptions from the printed magazine are non-transferable to digital.
  • We remain equally committed to the printed version of the Wargames Illustrated – the printed version of the magazine will continue to be produced on a monthly basis.


  • Ric Walters says:

    I am using the app on an Asus TF700 tablet. After trying issues 318 and 319, along with ACW Specials 1 and 2, I have only been able to read ACW-1. ACW-2 and the magazines show thumbnails in the preview bar, but very few of the pages are anything but random color bars or black screens. Has this been a common problem with the Android version of the app? This is extremely frustrating.

  • Steve Beadle says:

    I’ve just downloaded Colonial 3 and found it seems to start with the same article as Colonial 1. Is this a mistake or are you recycling articles?

    • Mark From WI Mark From WI says:

      Hi Steve, thank you for getting in touch.
      This is indeed a mistake on our part and we will release an update later today to correct the problem.

      Thank you,

    • Mark From WI Mark From WI says:

      Colonial 3 has now been updated to correct the problem,
      Thank you for your help Steve.

  • Chris says:

    I cannot find out how to open/shut the magazine or to advance/ retard more than one page at a time. Is there a functionality issue with the digital version or have I missed something?

    • Mark From WI Mark From WI says:

      Hi Chris,

      All this can be found in the help section of the app, if you hold your figure down on screen for a second it will bring up the menu and navigation bars where you can get back to the main menu and skip through sections of the issue.

      I hope this helps.

  • Jeff Davies says:

    I have been trying for the last two hours to download this months magazine, it just seems to have stopped. I have an ipad3 why does it take so long to download? It’s the same every month.

    • Mark From WI Mark From WI says:

      Sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do about the slow speed. There are many variables that can affect download speed. It could be that the Amazon server in your area (where we store our issues) is suffering performance problems at the time you were downloading, or your internet service provider (ISP) is throttling your bandwidth on large downloads.

      The best thing there is to do is perhaps try again later. Hopefully, it was just slow at that particular time.

      Also, the issue should keep downloading when the iPad goes to sleep, but not if you quit the app.

      Hope this helps.

  • Cornelius J. Healy says:

    In regards to issue 318, on page 28 it says to rotate for more images. How does one initiate this process? I, alongs with my sons, can not figure it out.

    Thank you

    • Mark From WI Mark From WI says:

      If you rotate your device making it landscape, you will see extra content. Make sure that you have orientation/ rotation lock turned off.