Question: I have updated the app and now I do not have access to issues I previously brought?

Answer: On an iPad tap on the ‘Missing issues’ icon found in the issues window, this will reload all issues brought with your Apple ID.

missing issues







On an Android or Kindle Fire, please fully close the WI Digital app and re-open the app again. The easiest way to do this is to simply turn your device off and on again. By doing this it will allow the app fully update and load all correct data.

Question: I have downloaded the app and the free sample and know I now want to subscribe/buy an issue but can not return to the menu.

Answer: To navigate the WI Digital app you need to hold your finger down on the screen for a second and this will bring up the navigation bars:
The Bottom bar allows you to access:
Library: where you can purchase new issues or read the issues you own.
Live: where you can find more information on issues contents.Help: Where you can learn how to navigate the WI Digital app.

The Top bar (when reading an issue) allows you too, quickly go back to the library, gain access to a quick open content list and bookmark your favorite pages of articles in an issue.

Still having a problem?

Please email us at digital@wargamesillustrated.net and we will be happy to help.


  • Laurent says:


    I’ve previously written a comment but it seems it was erased (!)

    I bought the subscription for a year in june (on IPAD AIR) and could load and read july and august issues but since a few days, the app is crashing all the time and my downloaded issues have disappeared.

    I removed the app and dowloaded it again but it didn’t fix the problem.

    It functions one time and i see that my subscription is not there anymore (the only issue that i can download is the free one, it offers me to pay an other time for other issues !)

    After this use, the app keeps crashing again and i can’t have the menu.

    Please can you help me

  • PELISSIER says:

    Hello, i have subscribed (on ipad air) a souscription in june 2014.
    I could read the first issues (june july and august) and for 2 weeks, the app crash everytime.
    When i suppress the app and download it again, it doesn’ t crash anymore but my souscription doesn’ t appear. If i download the free issue, the app keeps crashing.
    Please can you help me

  • Juha Jokinen says:

    My app keeps on crashing all the time and it seems quite random. I bought the newest issue and when it was pretty much downloaded the app crashed yet again. Now the issue does not show in my library but I can seemingly buy it again for 0, tough it wont let me. Nothing happens when I try to buy it. I am running android on samsung galaxy tab 10.1 (first edition)

    – Juha

    • Mark From WI Mark From WI says:

      Hi Juha,

      Could you first try turning your tablet off and on again as this will reset the app. If this dose not solve the issue please let me know.

  • Kai says:

    Hello, I have bought the may issue and cannot open it. The screen turns into black after a touch of the button “read now”.
    My System are Android 4.2.2 on Samsung Gt-N5110. I have made a reboot but nothing changed.
    Greetings Kai

    • Mark From WI Mark From WI says:

      Hi Kai,

      I am sorry to hear you are having problems.

      The tablet you are using should handle the issue fine so I would recommend you try Removing the issue and re download it. This should hopefully solve the problem but if not please let me know.


  • Stefano veneziano says:

    I have a subscription for iPad. I am experiemcing a problem with May issue. The app crashes sistematically at page 93 and I am not able to read the complete issue.
    I have no problems with back issues.
    May you please help me?
    Cheers stefano

    • Mark From WI Mark From WI says:

      Hi Stefano,
      Can you let me know what iPad model you have? I would recommend that you delete (archive) the issue and re-download it as there may have been a problem with the download.

      Hope this helps,

    • Mark From WI Mark From WI says:

      Hi Stefaon,
      after further investigation we have discovered that there is a problem with a video found on page 93 and we are releasing a updated version of the issue now that should correct the issue!

      Sorry for any inconvenience, removing the issue and redownloading will resolve the issue.