House & Musket Volume 3

War In The Wilderness
In our first article for this month’s theme, Neil Smith and Chris Peers introduce us to the history and guide us through the practical information required for bringing an F&IW force to bear on the tabletop.

Dried Corn & Swampfoot
In this article Rich Jones tells us about his ‘slip’ into F&IW gaming, followed by a walk through of a Muskets & Tomahawks battle, featuring the iconic Rogers Rangers.

Decorating The Wilderness
What should a French and Indian Wars tabletop look like? With the help of Grand Manner buildings Neil Smith educates us on how to tell our wikiups from our wigwams in order to bring accurate F&IW scenery to the miniature battlefield.

How To Build An Indian Longhouse
Paul Davies shows us how to make a Native American Longhouse.

The Battle of Sideling Hill, 1756
Following its presentation at last year’s Fall In show, this small scale French and Indian Wars battle comes to the pages of WI, complete with some great artwork by Andrew Knez Jr.

The Kittanning Raid
Brad Pflugh and Bill Starmer bring us another exciting article from the French and Indian Wars. This time the tables are turned as the Pennsylvania Provincials launch a raid on the native village of Kittanning, all set to rescue captives and extract a measure of revenge.

Scalp! – Part One
Tim Eagling provides us with the backdrop for a nice little French & Indian Wars campaign. Our first article includes a scenario covering a raid on a logging party.

Scalp! – Part Two
Tim Eagling concludes his French & Indian Wars campaign with the second, third, and fourth scenarios. Additionally Tim discusses the miniatures and scenery he used throughout the fictional Swallowtail Valley.

The Battle of Wabash, 1791, was the native Americans greatest victory over the US Army. Grahame Burke brings us the story of the battle and a scenario for the refight.