Medieval Volume 2

Bannockburn, 1314
Dr Chris Brown explores some myths surrounding Robert the Bruce’s great victory over the English, and offers some wargaming suggestions for the battle.

Sluys, 1340
Leading authority on naval wargaming; David Manley examines this medieval naval battle off the coast of France and presents some quick play rules for re-fighing the action

The Ascendancy of Archery
Our theme content begins with an overview of the English and Welsh bowmen of the 14th and 15th Centuries. We discuss historical tactics and actions as well as wargaming with this fearsome weapon.

Painting English Longbowmen
Professional painter Darrell Hindley provides a step-by-step guide to decorating your archer figures ready for the tabletop.

The Long Decline of the Longbow
What became of the longbow? Why did it“fall” and what forces should the wargamer be considering as a replacement.

Pride & Envy – Crecy, 1346
“Then the English archers stepped forth and let fly their arrows so thick that it seemed snow”. So wrote a French chronicler of the battle. Despite the odds being stacked against them, the bowmen at Crecy won the battle for England. Your re-fight might tell a different story though…

England’s Greatest Battle, 1415
Following an interesting discussion with a fellow wargamer, WI regular Neil Smith felt compelled to put his assertions down on paper – England’s greatest battle was won by its greatest king, and immortalized by its greatest bard. In this article about the Battle of Agincourt, 1415, Neil shows us how – ‘Against the Odds’ – Henry V was able to pull off a victory over the flower of French chivalry.

Extensive Knowledge of Powder
As walled towns, then castles, rose in importance, and the Middle Ages advanced, bigger and better ways of destroying the walls were sought. Gunsmith, Patron, and Gun – Jim Graham lifts the curtain on this medieval military trinity.

Verneuil, 1424
This often overlooked Hundred Years War battle made an award-winning appearance on the tabletop at this year’s Salute, we cajoled several of those involved in the project to tell us a little more about the battle and the re-fight.

How To Build Wagons
Paul Davies brings us another great modeling article that will help you bring your baggage trains to life. Not only are wagons essential to military campaigns, but they make great targets for all manner of gaming scenarios.


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