Medieval Volume 3

Company of Bastards
A close look at Tim Haslam’s award winning medieval free company army – Le Compagnie des Batards.

The Second Battle of Kosovo, 1448
With Steward Hunyadi Janos at the reins in 1448, the mighty Hungarian army attempted to stop the spread of the Ottomans in the Balkan Peninsula. John Bianchi explains how all did not go as he had planned.

The Capture of a Prince
After visiting his wife’s home town in the Czech Republic, Graham Burke’s mind turned to wargaming a local medieval action.

Medieval Monster Hunting
Give your medieval warriors some time off with a day’s hunting in the forests of 15th Century Poland. But beware – there maybe more than just deer and foxes hiding in the undergrowth…

Bloody Treachery on the Fields of England
We kick off our Wars of the Roses theme with an introduction to gaming the conflict by rules writer Simon MacDowall. He takes us through raising armies, troops types, organisation and more. All accompanied by Neil Smith’s brief history of the wars.

Battle of Towton, 1461
For our coverage of ‘England’s bloodyest battle’ we asked two gamers to tell us about their Towton projects – one in 15mm, the other 28mm. Both of them went on very different journeys and reveal here the trials and tribulations along the way.

Tewkesbury, 1471
Our theme content switches to the Wars of the Roses and the bloody Battle of Tewkesbury, another battle in which the archer’s arrow ruled the skies.

Battle of Bosworth, 1485
We wrap up our theme content for this month with a re-fight of the ‘biggy’ of the Wars of the Roses – Bosworth Field – using the Clash of Empires rules. “God and your arms be prais’d, the bloody dog is dead” or is he…?

Attack of the Trapezoids
Well-known painter David Imrie (aka Saxon Dog) has painted up some Wars of the Roses mercenaries to compliment our other theme articles. In addition to telling us how he goes about his painting, he shows us his trapezoids!

Late Medieval Irish Armies
With the help of some great photos we explore the make up of an Irish force of the late medieval/renaissance period.