Napoleonic Volume 4

Lament For An Empire
After suffering through the disastrous 1812 campaign in Russia, Napoleon had struggled to bring his Grand Armée back up to strength. Despite his army’s lack of experience and horses, Napoleon’s enemies still did not underestimate his ability in the field. It took until October 1813 before the Sixth Coalition could force him into a battle of their choosing, one that would become known as the Battle of the Nations. Neil Smith presents the build-up to the battle, along with its aftermath.

Vorwarts, Meine Kinder!
A comprehensive guide to building a late Napoleonic Prussian Wargames Army.

Creating a Kingdom – Westphalia
Created by Napoleon in 1807, the Kingdom of Westphalia was set to be the centrepiece of the new Confederation of the Rhine. Sam Mustafa writes about the rise and fall of this kingdom and it’s little-known fighting force.

The Battle Of Leipzig
Over 600,000 men fought for four days in this, the largest of Napoleon’s battles. In order to do the battle justice, Paul Olzanski and his friends used around 10,000 models in their re-fight, and here we present a photo-report on how the event panned out.

Victory In Defeat – Mockern, 1813
Age of Eagles author Col. Bill Gray (ret.) gives us his thoughts on the Battle of Mockern, fought north of Leipzig on 16 October 1813. He also gives us extensive Orders of Battle for the forces involved.

Let’s Refight Leipzig!
David Brown gives us a photographic recap of all the 15mm General De Brigade action as he and 28 others fought their way through the Battle of Leipzig last year at the Wargames Holiday Centre in Basingstoke, UK.

How To Build 17th-18th Century Houses
Our almost-resident model builder Paul Davies has a different take on building European houses perfect for representing the towns around Leipzig, Germany. He has created three downloadable plans for creating 10mm scale houses in card stock. We show you how to scale these plans up for your 28mm gaming too.

Introducing Lasalle
Napoleonic gamers have been spoilt for choice this year with the release of several new high quality rulebooks. Our US editor visits the author of one of the latest systems, Lasalle, chats about the game, and joins in with some tabletop action.