Pike & Shot Volume 2

Carnage & Glory II
Nigel P. Marsh pulls back the covers on his computer-aided gaming system, Carnage & Glory II, and guides us through the fictional ECW Battle of Enville Common.

The Alternative Battle of Worcester, 1651
When we spied this award winning game at Salute 2011 we knew we had to take a closer look. Andy and Neil from The Crewe Wargames Club were only too happy to take us on a tour of this splendid layout.

The Baby Wore Red
Although the British Army has built itself a wonderful reputation over the centuries, it wasn’t always such a stellar fighting force. Prolific WI contributor (and rules author) Barry Hilton shows us how the 17th Century English infantry fought their way through ‘Against the Odds’ to become a force to be reckoned with.

Sedgemoor And More… Part One
The Battle of Sedgemoor, 1685 was the subject of a club demo game by the ‘Like a Stonewall’ Wargames Group. In this article Nick Buxey takes us on a tour of the table and explains how it all came together.

Sedgemoor And More… Part Two
We had a great response to the article
in WI292 on the ‘Like a Stonewall Wargames Group’s’ Battle of Sedgemoor demo game, so we approached one of the other club members involved in the project and asked him to tell us more about how the battles played out and how he went about painting the Royalist army for the game.

A Pair Of Kings, 1689
Barry Hilton writes about another of his famous “wargaming weekenders” where he led 14 gamers through the Nine Years War as it was fought in Ireland in the late 17th Century. Barry’s Beneath the Lily Banners was the ruleset of choice.

Quebec, 1690
Three scenarios for ‘Pike and Shot’ warfare in the off-beat setting of Canada.