Charles S. Grant et al ,
Partizan Press,

Reviewed by Gary Mitchell

As this is the sixth ‘Wargamers’ Annual’ the serial looks set to run and run. Like all ‘annuals’ – recall the one you got each year from your auntie – this would make the ideal festive gift to dip into whilst the rest of the family watch the three-hour ‘EastEnders Christmas Special’. Being only twice the cost (roughly) of one of the monthly wargames mags it is essentially the same thing; a lavishly illustrated pot pourri with something to interest all wargamers. Packed full of nice colour photos and drawings, the book includes a vignette making challenge. As might be expected this year WWI features heavily, and the scenarios are interesting, unpredictable and playable; and cover from WWII back to the late Renaissance. The full contents can be viewed on the website, and the book would suit the wargamer looking for inspiration and material to adapt. All in all, the ideal gift.