USS Nimitz CVN-68 (early)


The USS Nimitz has been in service with the US Navy since 1975 and this model kit, or earlier incarnations of the class, has existed for nearly as long. A faithful 47.1cm reproduction of the nuclear carrier in 1/720 scale, the kit is crisp and nicely moulded with good detail and definition.

Boxed in Revell’s usual packaging, the kit contains 132 plastic parts together with a decal sheet, paper flag sheet and 2 strands of bright wire. Typical multi-lingual instructions for assembly and painting provide a clear and concise step-by-step guide for construction.

I always feel that kits of aircraft carrier are strange beasts. Due to their profile they tend to be a kit of two halves. On one hand you have several very large parts making up the flight deck and hull and on the other there’s the rest of the detail comprising very small parts. This kit is no different and initial impressions are that there’s not a lot to it. That said the finished product looks the part and I particularly like the way the hull is produced to allow either waterline or full hull versions to be produced without the need for careful scoring with the scalpel.

This example of the Nimitz depicts it early in it’s career and the included aircraft are matched to that period. They are; 4 x F4 Phantoms, 4 x F14 Tomcats, 4 x A7E Corsairs, 2 x A6 Intruders, 1 x E2B Hawkeye and 1 x SH-3H Speaking. These certainly bring the carrier to life even though they are all in the same low visibility grey colour scheme. US star decals are also included for them on the decal sheet.

So there you have it. A nice kit which produces a pleasing example of the Nimitz class carrier. It certainly will look good on any gaming table or on a modeller’s shelf.

By Pete Harris