WWI Volume 2

“Brimming with action and big with fate”
The first Great War action of a young Australia saw their troops in a raid against German possessions in the South Pacific. This article follows the Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force as it attempts to wrest the island of New Britain from German control.

Battleground: Gallipoli
An introduction to our themed articles on the Allied attempt to open the way between the Mediterranean and Black Seas by forcing the Ottoman Empire out of World War One. John Bianchi presents the key elements that made the campaign such a disastrous waste of lives.

Pushing The Narrows
While the Allied High Command were going back and forth with plans to shell Constantinople into submission, it was with relative ease that the Turks were able to bring their somewhat limited resources to bear on the Allied fleet, using terrain and local knowledge to their advantage.

Lone Pine
In an attempt to divert Ottoman reinforcements from fresh landings at Suvla Bay, the ANZAC troops were ordered to stage a breakout through the Turkish lines at Lone Pine. Desperate, close-quarters fighting was in store for both sides, which John Bianchi has captured well in this three-scenario campaign over a truly magnificent table built by Grand Manner.

Armies Of the Dardenelles
With conditions in the Dardanelles somewhat different to the muddy trenches of the Western Front, it is no surprise that local changes were made to the uniforms of both sides. Paul Leach and Heather Blush present their findings on the look of the soldiers from the Ottoman, British, and French armies on the Gallipoli Peninsular.

Touring The Lone Pine Table
When we saw our fantastic Lone Pine table (featured heavily in our last issue) we just knew we had to talk more to it’s creator, Dave Bodley. See some of Dave’s step-by-step photos of the mammoth process he went through to deliver the goods.

Cape Helles & The Battles Of Krithia
Six months after our trip to the Gallipoli Peninsula, John Bianchi returns with more tales of combat under the scorching sun. This time we discover more about the role played by the French forces in the Dardanelles.

Kut-Al-Amara, 1915-16
Ralph Krebs follows our recent WWI revelations with this scenario set in the town of Kut-al-Amara, just as the British forces are attempting to withdraw. The Turks and Germans are hot on their heels.